The purpose of art is to bring happiness into our lives. My passion is to create art that makes you feel joy every time you see it on your wall.

My mixed media abstracts can be identified by the use of metallic colours and interplay of light, engaging the audience and transporting the viewer to the scene. This makes the artwork wonderfully versatile – it changes along with the light changing in the room. With extremely small details harmonically balanced on the artwork there’s a lot to look at. You’ll find something new every time – a new shade or a pattern.

I started painting and learning art 26 years ago with my grandfather who is an artist and an architect.

My work is popular among contemporary art collectors and interior designers all the way from Helsinki to New York. Featured for example on Kauppalehti business magazine, Iltalehti newspaper, Iltasanomat newspaper, Me naiset magazine, Leivotaan magazine, YLE TV channel and Cannes Film Festival 2018.

You can buy my original artwork from this page with worldwide shipping. You can also buy giftcards for the paintings.

Love from Helsinki!

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Artist Emma Ivane photographed by Viola Minerva Virtamo